Hurricane Alley

A heads up to new students who are in Wilmington for the first time and enjoying all that this city has to offer. Even though the winters are mild, fall and spring are gorgeous and summer time brings everybody to the beach to soak up the sun. Just keep one thing in mind, if you choose to stay here during the summer, June 1 to Nov 1 can also be the most dangerous time of the year. Wilmington has seen it's fair shair of hurricanes throughout the years and speaking from experience, they can be down right scary. If one is coming up the coast, don't take chances, get out if you can or hunker down. Do not try to go out or drive during the storm. Do not try to go the beach because you think it would be "cool". And by all means..stay the hell OUT of the water. All this coming from someone who has been through every hurricane since Hugo in 89'. This can be a very great city to live, work, and play. Pay attention to the weather and be safe if you see a potential storm approaching. Have a game plan in case hurricane heads to Wilmington. Have safe place to go, whether that is in town or out of town. Have an emergency contact at all times.