What to do for Wilmington Nightlife

Wilmington is a unique school that offers a variety of nightlife options. House parties are a common scene on the weekends, but tend to die out in the middle of fall semester due to noise violations and other factors (frankly, it sucks living in a party house). This leaves the majority of Wilmington nightlife to the large amount of bars and clubs in the area. There are three main areas of bars; the beach bars; bars around campus; and downtown. The bars around campus are generally 18 and up, which is convenient for freshmen or anyone underage. The beach bars provide a more chill atmosphere, but are 21 and up only (there are ways to get around this). Downtown has a variety of clubs and bars, but are a far taxi ride from campus. It has been said that Wilmington has the most bars per capita in the US, there are over 85 bars downtown alone. With a little bit of searching, there is a nightlife spot for everyone in Wilmington.

There is also a need for responsibility of students in Wilmington when participating in the nightlife. There are over 4,500 DUIs given out every year in Wilmington. UNCW has the most cops per captia than any other college in North Carolina. Many freshman arrive on campus and go a bit overboard in the beginning of their college career. The best advice I have to give is to be smart, learn your limits, ALWAYS have a designated driver, and never go out with people you are not comfortable with. Downtown Wilmington is not the safest place in the world, everyone needs to use common sense and always stay with your friends when you are there. Fake IDs are always popular on college campuses, but New Hanover Police are cracking down on that issuse.