Getting to Class in the Rain

The weather in Wilmington is no where near perfect; there are days when it rains. And when it rains, it pours. Every student is then faced with a few options. These options are:

  • Walk to class in the rain
  • Ruin your longboard's bearings
  • Ride your bike, attempting to dodge puddles, while the continuous stream from the soaked back tire throws dirty street water all over your back
  • Do not go* to class at all - this can sometimes be the most desired option, but will affect your grade as most teachers deduct points for so many absences and being absent from lecture will certainly put you behind because book material is not the only information covered in class
  • Run, which will actually cause you to become even more wet as opposed to walking (myth busters solved this dillema)
  • Park in a non authorized parking space that is closer to your class. *Note* this can be detrimental to your wallet because UNCW employs parking enforcement who will ticket you for this. *Also note* you may or may not still be drenched by the treacherous downpours common to eastern North Carolina when you make your way to class. Being soaked and owing money does not equate to a good day

How to solve the rain dillema?

Review the weather by watching your favorite local news outlet or receive continual updates via smart phone through a weather application - if the chance of rain appears likely, carry an umbrella and refrain from biking or skating as this can throw water on you and your clothes from the wheels of the vehicle. Stay off the grass as your shoes can absorb water from the grass making your feet wet. And likely no one carries spare socks except those of us prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

If you are considering buying a bike, do it! It is three times as fast as walking. If you are going to invest in a bike, make sure it has a rain gaurd over the back tire. Otherwise, you will have a vertical line of water and dirt down your entire back. Not a good look.

If you chose not go out in those conditions, at least do yourself some favors. If you know someone in the class, ask for their notes before the next class. If the teacher uploads slides from that class, read those. Anything you can do to minimize your damage from not going to class is ideal.

In your college experience, you will be forced to decide between these options. Make sure to make the right decision for yourself. What may seem like the right decision in the moment, could have rash consequences. It is your responsibility to make it to class to stay on top of your workload if you decide not to go to class.