Visiting Student at UNCW

I am a visiting student at UNCW and there are many changes I had to make to adjust to a new school. The first adjustment I had to make is to the traffic: more speed bumps, traffic and terrible drivers can be a big change from a small town school like Roanoke College. The next step is to find a balance between beach and library time. I have personally found this to be a big challenge, the beach can be a huge distraction. Housing is also a big change I had to make. Coming from a school that the majority of students live on campus, at UNCW that is not the fact. I use to be able to roll out of bed and walk to class in ten minutes. This is not the case here. You must drive to class, find parking and walk quite a distance to your class. After adjusting to these few factors, I have found that taking visitor classes has been very benefitial to my academics. I took my first class with more than 20 people, which was a completely different experience. This opportunity opened me to a whole new college experience, which I would suggest for anyone. While it can be a little overwhelming at times, not many schools give you the benefit of getting ahead in your education while at the beach. It's a win-win situation!