University Apartments

Why live in the University Apartments?

I am currently a Sophomore and I was placed in the University Apartments. My first thought when I saw my housing assignment was, "oh no." I was mad that I was not placed in Seahawk Village, Landing, or Crossing, because they are WAY nicer than the University Apartments. Yes, the University Apartments are small, very small. And yes, they are kind of gross and are older. So why would you want to live here then?

Unfortunately, there is no way to escape the size of the apartment; however, you can make use of your space.
• Arrange the furniture in a way that makes the room more open, it makes it look a lot bigger, trust me

There are ways to escape the "gross" factor of the apartment; this should be a given.
• Clean, clean, clean
• Create a cleaning schedule so the apartment is cleaned once a week or every other week
• As time goes on, you will get more comfortable with the apartment and it will not bother you as much, especially if cleaning is happening
• Because the apartment is older than other places, it will not always look clean, even if it is (if you have lived in dorms, it will not bother you at all)

The apartment is VERY boring; white walls and horrible lighting that makes it look like prison
• Decorate!
• Put Christmas lights EVERYWHERE; the soft light makes it look so much better
• Buy lamps for extra lighting
• Hang pictures on the wall (ex: beach scenes)
• Put a big rug in the living room
• Cover the furniture with sheets or couch covers

The bedrooms are very small, but as I stated before, make use of your space
• Play around with your furniture and arrange it in a way that makes it look open
• Decorate your bedroom with pictures, crafts, or anything you like; it makes it comfortable
• I also have Christmas lights and lamp(s) in my room, if you'd like to do that as well
• Decorate your door (ex: white board, quotes, ect.)

Unlike a dorm, you have freedom
• Never have to check in guests
• Are allowed to have alcohol (if you are of age)
• Obviously you still have RA's, but they are way more relaxed and rarely check up on you

Cost compared to Seahawk Village, Landing, and Crossing
• University Apartments: $5,992.00
• Seahawk Village (Lease): $7,264.00 - $7,804.00
• Seahawk Landing (Lease): $7,264.00 - $7,804.00
• Seahawk Crossing (Traditional Available): $7,284.00
• University Apartments is the cheapest way to go

Campus Walk apartments are also a good option. They are not even a half mile from campus and a student can easily walk or take their bike. The bus also stops right in front of the leasing office. *$8,508 for 1 bedroom 12 month lease - includes cable, internet, water ( up to a cap), electricity ( up to a cap). Not a bad deal and having everything included makes it even easier. If I ever go over my caps, it is only by a few dollars.*

I think living in the University Apartments is a great transition from dorm life to apartment life, without having to worry about such a large space. I would recommend the University Apartments to rising Sophomores, who would still like to live on campus (and its the cheapest way), because you still have the comfort and convince of "on campus housing," but have all the freedom of living in your own apartment.