UNCW Study Guide 2013

Tips for studying in college - UNCW edition

When it comes to studying, students are constantly distracted by the social media, friends that want to hang out, and of course - boredom. School work can become overwhelming especially for those who are involved in many different organizations that can be time consuming. So, with all this stress about staying on top of classes when there’s all these distractions preventing you from finishing your homework, what do you do!? Read this tip guide carefully and you will be on your road to success.

  • Constantly check blackboard to make sure you know what assignments are due in the near future. [[ https://learn.uncw.edu ]]

*Keep a planner with you at ALL times so you can write down your HW, upcoming tests/quizzes, and when papers are due. (If you think that you can remember everything in your head, chances are, you’re wrong. Just write it down, it only takes a couple of seconds!)

*If you have a study desk in your room, leave a calendar on top of it with dates of meetings, sports games (if you’re a student athlete), and other events that are mandatory. It is good to know when certain functions are happening, so you can prepare ahead of time for the gathering.

*If you see that you have a mandatory meeting on a sunday, and a paper due monday…don’t leave it until the last minute to start your essay. You will be stressed and be short on time especially if you have a meeting the day before the assignment is due. You should always start preparing a paper a week before the due date.

*Every teacher has a syllabus for his/her class. On the first week of classes, you should check each syllabus and write down important due dates on your desk calendar.

*The library may seem depressing at first, but once you’re there you will realize how productive many people are. Join their productivity and study at Randall! Upstairs is the quiet scene for those who can only work in silence.

*If you catch yourself constantly checking the social media (e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) then you can either:
1. Turn off your phone
2. Each time you finish an assignment, grant yourself five minutes to check Facebook or whatever app you want.

*If you can’t focus on school work because something is bothering you, take deep breaths. It sounds weird at first but deep breathing helps relax the soul. You can also meditate. Clearing your mind allows you relieve some stress and help cope with your problems.

*If you’re tired and trying to stay awake, get coffee at Java City in Randall! However, if that doesn’t help then just go home and sleep. The quality of your work will not reflect your actual potential if you are half asleep while doing it. [[ http://library.uncw.edu/faq/when_java_city_open ]]

*If you’ve been studying all day, it’s okay to take a break! Relaxing will help you focus when you get back to your assignment.

*Email your teachers if you have a question about ANYTHING! It’s always good to be 100% sure about something than not exactly know what is going on. Plus, it shows that you are trying and are willing to excel in the class! Teachers love that.

*Reserve a study room at Randall with your friends! Group studies will motivate you to go to the library since you will be with your friends. You can also ask each other for help whenever your stuck on a question! [[ http://library.uncw.edu/room_reservations ]]

*Take every school work seriously. Giving all you’ve got will reward you with a proud GPA!