UNCW Rugby

UNCW Rugby "Clamdiggers"

Unlike many Club Sports at UNCW, Rugby is a serious and competitive organization that is usually overlooked due to the tittle of "Club Sport"
Rugby team competes in the Southern Conference and is currently a second year back to back champion.
The UNCW rugby team holds a 24 game undefeated record at home.
Last year the rugby club competed nationally and obtained 8th place in a heartbreaking lost against JMU.
This year we are looking to go further in the national tournament, and we believe have the right team to do so!

UNCW Rugby #clamdiggers


Roster 2013-2014

  1. Andrew Midgette
  2. Bobby Griffin
  3. Collin Fraizer
  4. Byron MacFayden
  5. Rodrigo Ortiz
  6. Christ Claude
  7. Daniel Parsons
  8. Vincent Faison
  9. Alex Fox
  10. Marc Rojewski
  11. Vinny Cervone
  12. Zack Leddon
  13. James Hall
  14. Chris Harris
  15. Brandone Heale
  16. Tate Taylor
  17. Alex Miller
  18. Coleman Alen
  19. Owen Humphreys
  20. Sean Howard
  21. Cole Schanelic
  22. Marc Williams
  23. Graham Joseph
  24. Luis Montez

**Funding **
Due to being a "Club" sport, we receive very little funding and have ti finance our tournament expenses with dues or funding we do ourselved. We tend to get creative and last year we raised money to go to Nationals by doing a Carwash on South College Road. We encourage anyone that can help to aid on our goal to become National Champions.