UNCW & friends

As a transfer coming into UNCW last fall I was worried that I would have a hard time making friends. By sophomore year most people have established their groups and found their place at the school and as an out of state and transfer I couldn't name one person that went here. To avoid feeling like a lost puppy I made sure I put myself out there even if it meant stepping outside of my comfort zone. There are a lot of things you can do to make friends, here are a few of the ones that I found most successful.

  • Join Greek Life: I know it doesn't always come with the right connotation but joining a sorority was one of my best decisions I've made in college. It sounds cliche but I found my home away from home and found some of my best friends. It immediately gave me someone to get lunch with or study and made approaching and meeting new people less intimidating. I think everyone should go through the process and even if you decide it's not for you you'll still meet new people and experience a different side of college!
  • Find a club or organization your passionate about and join: Your guaranteed to have something in common which means an easy conversation starter! Finding people who share common interests avoids the awkward ice breakers and introduces you to a group of people who can help you settle in and find your place. If you can't find what you're looking for choose something that seems interesting! You might discover that you love something you never heard of while meeting new people and gaining new experiences.
  • Talk to the people sitting next to you in class: It sounds horrible and is usually awkward because no one's too enthusiastic to be in class but I found my best friend because she said hi to me the first day of stats and we discovered we had so much in common. Complain about the lecture or even ask if they've taken a class. Majority of the time you'll find that the people sitting next to you really aren't that bad and even if you don't hang out outside of class at least you have some moral support for that dreaded 8am.

While these tips will definitely help you find your place my best advice is to not worry and just be yourself. You'll find where you're supposed to be and the people that you want to surround yourself with. UNCW's filled with people that want to be your friend, not the other way around.