UNCW Freshman Easter Eggs

You get hundreds of packets, flyers, forms, and letters after getting accepted to college. There are so many documents, it's hard to keep track of every single one! Orientation can prepare you for classes and college life, but the best person to ask for advice is an older student who has already been through their freshman year. Students will probably be able to tell you about more "easter eggs" of college.

Some vital tips from freshman year I have learned:
Make sure you sign up for both your housing AND specify which dorm you want! (Getting placed randomly can sometimes not be the best situation)
Utilize the "backroads" of campus (behind Morton and Cameron) to avoid the chaos of Chancellor's
Look up hours of dining halls before trekking out! (Wag is closed from 2:30-4 every day to prepare for dinner)
Put yourself out there freshman year and don't lose hope… That person in your class could be your future best friend!
The "Landwich" is a sandwich shop in the Seahawk Landing Apartments. Go there. It is delicious. They also have meal swipes available from 2:30-4 every weekday.
Check the UNCW calendar, there are tons of free movies, concerts, comedy shows, and other events going on every weekend.
Talk to your professors.. they could be a connection to your future career. Build networks and use the resources you are given at UNCW!
If you have twitter or Facebook, follow UNCW accounts, they live post events and hidden things going on around campus.

Add more tips if you find them!