Triathlon club

The UNCW Triathlon club is a group of people who all share an interest in competing in Triathlons. Their skill degree varies from an Iron Man Triathlete to people who are just getting into the club. A great advantage to our club is the time flexibility. Many people are very tight on time while in school and this club easily adapts to anyones time schedule. There are multiple practices throughout the week and none of them are mandatory. So all you have to do is go to the one that best works for you. Even though we are technically a club, we still consider ourselves a team. Comradery holds the team together by each person encouraging the other do their very best. Here are some other details about the club:

  • We compete in races both here in Wilmington and in other states.
  • Go to USAT (United States of America Triathlon) sponsored races including nationals and regionals.
  • Sponsership from Xterra wetsuits and other companies
  • The school pays for one travel race for each athlete every year.

This club has opened many doors for me in college. My skill level in the sport has grown tremendously. I went from a beginner to where I am currently a half iron man. Even though this is an athletic club, it definitely is a social one also. I have met many new friends through the club and it always gives me people to hang out with.

If you are interested in joining the club, here is the official web page: