Tips for studying at UNCW

In college sometimes students find it difficult to buckle down and study for his or her classes. Most students in actuality do not use all of the resources the UNCW campus offers. Many students do attend Randall Library, but many forget that study rooms can be rented to for multiple groups of people. This can help when study groups have to meet or when someone wants peace and quiet with no distractions. Other resources such as the learning center provide one on one tutoring for students free of charge. This is a great way for students who need help in courses to not struggle alone, but receive the help he or she may need. Since many courses require students to write papers, the writing center is also a great tool. The writing center can help you from brain storming all the way to editing final drafts. UNCW provides many ways for students to study throughout the campus and with the various study spaces in almost every building students should be excelling in all classes he or she may be taking!