Tips for studying and learning

1. Attendance can REALLY affect your grades so make sure you keep track of what classes you are missing because you don't want that to sneak up on you when you get your grades at the end of the semester and thought you would have an A!

2. Designate a place to study. Did you know that if you study in your bed your brain gets used to thinking while in bed and it will be more difficult for you to get to sleep at night? The library is a great place to study. It is fairly free of distractions, offers food and beverages, and stays open 24hrs Sun. - Thurs. Also, if you sit in an upright position at a desk (in the same position you sit while taking a test) you can recall the information easier. These things have been proven with studies!

3. Create a good study plan that works well with your classes, jobs, and other activities. Try to find time each day to review what you went over in class and what you need to know for your classes the next day. The best way to actually retain the information you learn is not to study and cram everything in on the last night before the exam. Break the studying up throughout the week, so come the night before it is just a review and you are able to get a good nights sleep. This is guaranteed to get you better test scores! Working with others helps when it comes to staying motivated whether it be for homework or studying.

4. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Make sure to keep up with your homework and reading because once you get behind it is normally really hard to catch back up. It has also been proven that it actually takes more time to complete an assignment at the last minute, and the quality of completion comes out much lower.

5. Utilize the learning center/writing center and SI sessions. These are created to help students with extra learning materials and really makes a difference in your grade.

6. Never be afraid to ask an instructor for help! Instructors are here to help you and they are happy to do so. Whether it's setting up a meeting outside of class or consulting with them through email there is always a way to collaborate with an instructor.