[Tips For Studying]

Before considering study techniques you must first:

*Prepare for the class by reading the relevant information before hand. Reading the chapters that are going to be reviewed in class, will greatly improve your comprehension on the subject matter. Doing so will allow you to take notes on the more troubling concepts in the chapter and also will allow you to pay more attention to what the professor is teaching.

  • Many deem the number one tip to be taking detailed notes. In every single class the number one key is showing up and taking thorough notes while there. Once these two things are underway one can start to plan and prepare properly for every test.
  • It is very important to plan ahead when studying because cramming it all right before a test can cause great amounts of stress and cause one to not learn the information.
  • The most effective way to take notes for studying in a class is to read what you are going over that day prior to going to that class. Doing this will allow one to have a grip on the material before the teacher even starts the lesson.
  • Another important tip for studying while at home would be to make flash cards of your material and use those to quiz yourself throughout chapters. In conclusion if one wants to study efficiently it all starts with going to class and taking detailed notes. If one does this and studies his/her note cards each day then he/she should see better grades.
  • Find a comfortable and quiet place with little or no distractions and try to avoid your own bed for you are tempted to lie down and take a nap
  • First study the most important information and the main ideas
  • Your memory retains more information at the beginning and end of a study session so take short frequent breaks
  • Be sure to UNDERSTAND the information rather than memorizing it
  • Test yourself to find out your strong and weak areas of the material
  • Always be sure to have a little bit of food in your system. A car will not run without gas, the same can be said for your brain. Just do not overdo it, That will just make you sleepy.

Everyone is different so find a method that works for you