Tips for signing up for classes at UNCW

Signing up for classes can be a very stressful time for new students. Selecting classes that are mandatory, at a time that works for you, and has seats available, can be achieved if you are prepared. Understanding the Seanet website at UNCW is essential for your class registration to run smoothly. The Seanet website can be accessed through signing into your email, known as at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Sitting down before your registration period and selecting classes that work for you and that work with each other can save you a lot of time and makes the process much easier. Writing down specific class ID's, time and teacher can help organize your needs and makes sure that you can register for the classes that you need. Be patient through this process, because it may take some time for you to match up classes that work together. Once you have compiled a list of classes and backups for classes that you have any doubt about getting in, will help ease your mind and makes this process efficient and as least stressful as possible.

Making an appointment with your academic advisor can be very helpful in knowing which classes are mandatory and a good fit for your schedule. Signing up in advance for this appointment is a good idea, because a lot of people forget until last minute and then they run out of appointment times. The advisor has a pin number that you must have when signing up for classes.

  • Sign into your email at
  • Access your Seanet page
  • Go through and write down all classes and ID's that you want to take (before your registration time)
  • Make sure you have back up classes for any classes with a high demand
  • Register at your registration time and your DONE!

—Also, remember to use the helpful resources that UNCW has to rate classes and professors. Be sure to ask around about which professors to take, because professors really can make or break a class for you. You can take the exact same class with two different professors and get a completely different experience from each one.

—When thinking about timing in your schedule, try not to have a large gap of 3 or more hours in your schedule. Having a gap of one or two hours will be beneficial, because you can go grab lunch or hit the library. You can get a lot more done in an hour than you think. If you have a large gap, you can fall into the trap of TV or an afternoon nap. And even though nobody likes the dreaded 8 AM class, having morning classes is nice, because your afternoons are free for homework, hanging out, or the beach!

You can go to to read about the different professors at the university. This website has multiple reviews written by students, just like you. They grade them on how easy, how helpful, and how hot they are. Another helpful website is called This website also rates professors, however, it show you a bar graph of what the last posted grades he gave out for the semester before you. This is helpful, because you can see how well overall everyone does with this professor. While is a very helpful tool it isn't always 100 percent accurate. Sometimes reviews are based on sour students or students that got along with that instructor much better than you may. So never underestimate how helpful an advisor can be at UNCW.