Tips for Learning

Tips For Studying in General

"Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure."


Here are some tips and solutions to help your studying habits:
Your brain will retain more information when your selective perception matches your motivations. In most cases, students tend to have higher grades from the classes that they were interested in from the start. Look at your own transcript and see if I'm right.

Don't fake the funk. If your not interested in a subject don't pretend to be. Instead, simply ask yourself why are you even taking the course. Once you establish that there are no alternatives, take a step back and evaluate the big picture. Sometimes we get caught up in life and it's easy to stray from our goals when there so far away. Remember this, if you wake up one day and your not where you want to be at, the blame falls on yourself.

Now that your motivation and perception are aligned it's time to prepare. The problem most students find in class is that the material covered does not always sink in right away. For most, it's always after a test that you truly understand the material. The trick is to cover the material before class so that you truly understand the material before the test.

The best way to learn a new subject is to understand the 5 "W's" (Who,What,When,Where,Why) and it's benefits to you. There are multiple search engines on the internet that can answer those questions about a subject in literally a few seconds. Once you can answer the 5 "W's", I recommend going to youtube and searching for any free videos that relate to your subject. While your watching videos, test yourself for a basic understanding. If you can piece together even a fraction of understanding, I would say your prepared for class.

So far your motivated, prepared and ready for action. Now your fostering a recipe for success in any class that you take from here on. My last tip to help your studying habits is to simply identify what type of learner you are. From my experience, understanding what works for you can make the difference between winning and losing.

Solution #3:
People learn from one of these, or a combination of the following:
Audio- Type of person who can listen to a lecture, retain the information, and have the ability to recite the concepts spoken.
Visual- Type of person who can read information, understand the information, and have the ability to teach someone else.
Kinesthetic- Type of person who can re-create a hands-on demonstration and have the ability to reteach someone else.
Once you identify the type of learner you are, you can better prepare yourself for the classes to come. I guarantee that if you follow these 3 simple tips, you will improve your learning ability.