Time Management

The Basics

Time management is the most important thing in a college student's life. The way he or she manages his or her time can be a key influence on how well they succeed in school. The three most important activities that the student most learn to balance time with are academics, sleep, and their social life. There is a saying that you may only have two of these three things in college, and that saying can tend to be pretty accurate. Learning to incorporate all three of these things in their life can be very challenging. Sometimes sacrifices must be made to improve one's self. Learning to manage your time takes a lot of effort, and experience. If he or she can truly learn to manage their time in a way that greatly benefits that person, than they have succeeded at time management.

Tips to Help Manage Time

  1. Keep a planner:
    • This will allow students to easily track what task they need to complete and when they must be completed.
    • If a student forgets what assignments or responsibilities they have for the week, the planner can be referenced.
    • There are a lot of things to balance while attending college and it can sometimes be a challenge to remember everything that needs to be completed.
  2. Build a Schedule that fits you:
    • Find class times that work with your schedule and preferences (if you are not a morning person do not sign up for 8 a.m classes).
  3. Avoid procrastination:
    • Procrastination is a big issue when it comes to time management. Many student prefer to put things off until the last possible minute, but I can tell you from experience that is the worst thing you can do. Spacing out your time to do school work can be very beneficial.
      • You don't have to worry about stress.
      • No need to pull all nighters.
      • Don't feel like have to rush, which allows for higher quality in your work.
      • Try to space out school work for the entire week to keep from doing it all one night.
  4. Set aside free time:
    • Even though you may be busy, it is important to still save some time for yourself so you do not become too stressed. Participating in physical activities such as sports and going to the gym is proven to reduce stress.