Testing Tips

For many students studying for exams, or even studying for quizzes, becomes a challenging aspect of college. I have seen countless friends, and even myself a few times, pull the all too famous "all nighter" thinking that cramming all that information into their brain hours before the test is an effective testing strategy. The proven "best" studying method is simple: begin studying days before in little amounts, not all at once. This allows your brain to digest the information, rather than memorize it for a few hours. It is always better to understand and learn the information than to blindly memorize it.

**So in the end students should:

  • Get PLENTY of sleep the night before the test
  • begin studying around a week in advance
  • eat a good breakfast, and drink some caffeine on test day
  • give yourself breaks during study sessions, and don't burn yourself out**
Tools and Disadvantages

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