Familiarizing yourself with your UNCW email address

As you assimilate into UNCW's community one of the first things you will be given is your UNCW e-mail. This particular email is your life-line to academic success.

  • First off lets start off with the basics. Your UNCW e-mail will consist of the first letter of your first, middel, and last name.
  • An example of this would be (arg) if a persons name was Aaron Riel Gonzales.
  • Notice the 3 leters will be in lowercase.
  • It will then be followed by (@uncw.edu).
  • In its totality it should look somthing similar to the following (ude.wcnu|dra#ude.wcnu|dra)
  • Your password for this email when you type it into (https://myseaport.uncw.edu) should be your 850 number or Student ID until changed.
  • This is also given to you when you assimilate into UNCW's community.
  • Once you are able to log in, you will be prompted to change your password.
  • It should be something memorable that adheres to the restrictions the school places on students passwords.

Now that you have access to (https://myseaport.uncw.edu) you will be able to access other important sites that will play an important role in your education here at uncw.