Surfing is very popular in the Wilmington area. With access to multiple beaches surfing and learning to surf is as easy as ever. There are three main locations to surf that are close to UNCW. The well known and often crowded Wrightsville Beach is great spot to surf. Closest to campus, Wrightsvile has very easy access to miles of beach and fun waves. If you are looking for a faster wave and you don't mind a short drive, Carolina beach, located south of UNCW, has quality surf. If you are an advanced surfer and look for the best rides and a possible barrel, Massonborro Island is your best bet. Located south of Wrightsville beach, Massonborro is very close but hard to get to. With no roads leading to it's beach, there are only two ways of reaching this awesome break. If you are lucky enough to have a boat or a friend who has a boat, you are set. If you are not so lucky, paddling across the inlet is your only way. It is far, very tiring, and overall never any fun. If you are lucky enough to make it there with a solid east swell and a light north wind, get ready to surf perfect "A" frame waves all day.