Guidelines for Beginner Surfers

UNCW is conveniently located within a 10 minute drive of the beach. This is a great commodity, that the majority of universities and colleges do not get to experience. Because Wilmington is in a prime location to catch swell in North Carolina, this causes many people to want to try to learn how to surf. Surfing is an extremely fun way to spend your free time, but it can also be dangerous. While being taught or teaching yourself how to shred, take these guidelines into consideration:

  • Know Your Limits: I know you see guys getting shacked in well overhead surf, making it look like a cake walk. But don't tell yourself that you can handle waves that heavy when it is your second time paddling out
  • Respect Locals: Pretty self explanatory; Natives have put in their time way before you even knew what a surfboard was. Give them their space, let them get priority even if you think you are within their skill range.

Crowd Control: When you are just learning how to surf, try to find an uncrowded spot to paddle out. Find your own peak if possible, that way you can truly fine tune your skills. And you are also out of the more experienced surfers. This is a win - win situation where everyone's spreading stoke and having a great time.