Where to Study

I am a sophomore at UNCW and after the first year and a half of studies, I have found out what works best for me when it comes down to studying for courses. I like to think I am a hardworking student and with that being said, I need a quiet place in order to study. If you do not have noisy roommates or live on a 'party' hall, I find it best to study in my room. Everything is right in front of you and I feel most comfortable in my own environment.

Advantages of studying in your dorm inlcude:
-easy access to materials
-comfortable environment

Disadvantages of studying in your room include:
- distractions
- comfy bed

If your room is not a ideal place to study, then UNCW's Randall Library is a very quiet, study-friendly environment. I have gone to the library a few times over the past year to either studying with friends or to work on a group project.

Advantages of the library include:
-good study environment
-help is available
-can work with others
-access to materials such as course reserve— check this out! you may not need to buy books

Disadvantages of studying in the library:
- first floor is noisy
- people watching as a distraction
- may forget materials
- hours

Where ever you choose to study, make sure it is a place where you can focus and feel most comfortable.

I am going to be a Junior here at UNCW and the best place to study is a study room in Randall Library. I have tried studying many places and if you are very easily distracted, study rooms are the best option. Advantages include:
-hard to locate
-can study with others

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