Mastering MyMathLab

So far at UNCW, both of my math classes have used the program MyMathLab for the course work. It seemed like a new world to me because for my whole life, I have completed all of my math work with pencil and paper. I was a bit overwhelmed, but once I learned how to take advantage of the software, math became easier to me. (
Becoming comfortable with the program MyMathLab is a huge step in mastering whatever course you may have on the site. I suggest navigating and even trying the orientation walk through that is sometimes offered. Once you are comfortable with everything the program has to offer, it is time to start working on the actual math. Although it may seem overwhelming, or hard to get adjusted to at first, I have some tips on how to use MyMathLab to your advantage in your math class:

  • Take the homework seriously

- Although it offers to help you with each problem, try it on your own before asking the program for help

  • Use paper to solve problems

- During any online assignment, always have paper handy and do not rely on doing the math in your head

  • If given OPTIONAL review problems, do them!

- The review problems are most likely very similar to those on the test; if you can master the review, you can master the test

  • Keep up with your due dates

- MyMathLab lists the due dates for each assignment so check it frequently so you can always receive credit


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