Staying Organized


College is a huge transition from any other form of education. The first semester is crucial for perfecting organization skills that can help you in the next four years of education. College is more fast paced than high school. Professors in large classes will not constantly remind you what to do and when it is due so staying organized is a crucial part of how to do well in your classes. If you practice good organization skills you will not only succeed in college, but through your whole life as well.


  • Read the syllabus for each class!
  • Use a planner
  • Write down tests and quizzes in a place you will see everyday
  • Even write important dates in several places so you repeatedly see them
  • Keep separate folders for each class's content
  • Make time out of each day to do your homework
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Manage your time wisely
  • Get homework done for that day before you do anything else (so you don't have to worry)
  • Create a semester long calendar and color coordinate events with highlighter
  • Review weekly what you must do for the upcoming week (and maybe get a head start)
  • Go through your notes every night

Find the best ways that work for you and stick with them until they become a habit. This will help you in all the years you have ahead of you here in college and beyond!

Below is a link to helpful ways to set you your planner. Having 5 or more classes, homework due dates, paper or project deadlines, exams and quizzes, meetings, and after class activities is hard to keep organized in your head so make sure to write it down!