SeaWork ( is a helpful job/intership search website for current and former UNCW students. It allows students to upload electronic resumes and cover letters. Seawork is a tool to help keep track of college transcripts. Seawork also provides lectronic resume referrals to employers.

SeaWork is a helpful website to for current UNCW students to find jobs. The jobs varies from part-time to full-time. There are also posting for interships. While some interships may not be paid or low paying, they may be able to provide applicants with valuable work experiences. Employers post jobs on SeaWork to find employees with UNCW eduation and ethics. Here are some things you must have to have access to SeaWork

  1. UNCW ID
  2. UNCW password (ude.wcnu|4931dba#ude.wcnu|4931dba)
  3. Have a standing of current student, former student or alumni