Searching for homes

Housing and where to live is a very big decision you will need to make when deciding to come to UNCW. Housing will be the largest portion of your budget. When budgeting for a housing you have to consider the priorities: rent, power, water, and the other possible bills would include: sewer, garbage and cable. Location is important, if you're on a strict budget then something close to school would be prefered. The closer to school, the housing would have cheaper prices as well as transportation to school would be less costly. Living downtown or closer to the beach area, the cost of living tends to rise and transportation expenses begin to rise as well. If you live within a mile radius of the school you cannot drive your vehicle but can use the school schuttle, ride a bike or have an easy walk. These three would cut your transportatioin cost and save you money. If you live outside a mile you can drive your vehicle to school but have to park in the designated parking areas according to your parking decal. You can use the school shuttle from the parking lots or you can have a longer bike ride. So you will have to factor this into your time management for your class schedules. There are several resources that can aid you in searching for a place to live. You could use resources on the schools website,, hotpads, craigslist and many others.