Sco's aid for college

Here's a tip for beginning at UNCW or any college in general.

First, do you know someone?
This means if you came from high school with someone, great. If you didn't, go and meet people. Don't say you're shy or you don't know how. There are numerous ways to meet people in college. If you don't meet anyone, it’s your own fault. As a matter of fact, you have to go out of your way not to meet people. The best way to do this is to stay in a dorm for your freshman year (and sophomore year). If your school has a freshman dorm, stay there, it'll be fun, and people will be just like you in their need to meet people as well.

Second, make school easy.
Remember you are adjusting to school. Most schools have a cumulative average. This means that your first classes with affect your grade more than the later classes. So TAKE MY ADVICE, make your first semester the easiest classes you'll ever take. This way later if you have a hard class that you don't do so well in, it won't affect your grade as much.

And finally, have a little fun.
In whatever you do, have a little fun, but not too much. The real task of college is time management. Best way to do that is to keep a schedule. Set aside time for school, fun, friends, and yourself. If you go to UNCW make sure you head to the beach, atleast once a week. Its right there and is probably the reason you came to this school. If you surf, don't be a kook, like Christian.

If you do all of this, not only will you survive in college, but also enjoy the experience.