Rec Center Tips

Helpful Tips When Using the Recreation Center

Must Know:

  • The Rec Center does not allow any food or drinks(except water) past the turnstiles
  • Water that you bring in must be in a closed container less than 32oz
  • If you forget to bring your I.D you have 3 options:

-Go and retrieve it
-Go to auxiliary(during office hours) and buy a new one
-Have someone sign you in as a guest(have to pay $5)

  • The Rec Center does have policies on attire:

-Can not wear shirts that show midriff
-Jeans are not aloud in the fitness area
-Must have a shirt over sports bra
-Only running shoes are aloud on the track

  • What to do if your I.D is denied?

-the first time your I.D is denied you are recored in a denied I.D log and are allowed in but that is your only free pass. After that you must go to auxiliary located in Warwick and purchase a new I.D.

  • Each UNCW student is allowed to bring two guest with them at a given time. The guest(s) must have $5 or Seahawk Bucks and a picture I.D. The UNCW student must have his or her one card.