Randall Library

Randall Library

The part of college that no one likes is that actual learning. Everyone comes to college with the hopes of having a lot of fun with not a lot of effort in the classroom. Although that is a possibility, it generally doesn't work that way for most people. That's where Randall comes in.

The Pros

Randall Library has many advantages. The laptops that all students are allowed to rent, with a valid one card, prevent many of us from having to carry our laptops from the other side of campus. Recently, Randall Library has installed hundreds of new outlets throughout the library to help students always have access to the power that they need. Randall also has extremely student friendly study hours. Having a library that is open twenty-four hours a day during the week comes in handy during exam time.

The Cons

Not everything about Randall is great, though. With all of the recent improvements in Randall, there have been numerous disturbances that range from group study rooms being converted to offices for employees to just annoying noises from the installation of new carpet or outlets. Another biannual disaster is exam time. Every semester during exams, Randall is packed. There are no seats, no outlets, no peace of mind, and no shortage of disturbances. My advice, just stay away from Randall if you're trying to study for your exams.