One of the best ways to get over procrastination is to just start it. When you have a big long paper that you have to write, it sounds like a massive undertaking, so most people will wait until the day before it is due. But simply telling yourself to spend 5 min writing an outline, then writing an intro paragraph, then just…. If you utilize this technique, you will start gaining momentum and you are more likely to finish something that you have started. Starting it is the hard part. That is my trick, the “just do 5 minutes of work” technique will trick you into starting and finishing your projects sooner rather than later.

I have struggled with procrastination since my first day of high school. Its hard to not put things off especially when your friends are begging you to put up the books and go hang out. What I have learned to do is set goals for myself. If I have a paper due in 3 weeks, then I break apart the assignment and set goals for what I want to have done each week. For example I'll tell myself that an outline and rough draft of the first 2 paragraphs is due the first week and then a complete rough draft is due the second week and so on. This way I can trick myself into thinking that different parts of the assignment are due sooner than are. This strategy has greatly helped my procrastinating.