Online Classes

Some advice for taking online Classes here at UNCW…

Online Classes can be a more convenient and less expensive way to obtain a portion if not all of your classes at the university level. As an all online or extension student your tuition is less and there is no requirement for on campus fees such as insurance. You will also spend no gas getting to and from class and obviously you will completely avoid the expensive parking expenses that the school has to offer. Taking online classes allows you to work at your own pace whenever you want, allowing you the freedom to work or take care of other responsibilities at home, or maybe, you just want to do all school work at the beach. Of course there are downfalls to online classes. Sometime the frustration of having to wait days for a return email from an adjunct professor who has countless other students and emails to deal with on his/her own time. The absence of a classroom setting may be a problem for some students who enjoy or prefer group work or personal contact with classmates. Working on your own pace without a professor’s constant encouragement and motivation many students may find concentration a problem and may procrastinate or not give the class the time it deserves. So, if you are self-motivated and would enjoy the flexibility and reduced tuition of online classes then register for some next semester.

*NOTE. Online and hybrid classes will be increasing in abundance as time goes by in the business department.*