MIS 213

If you are using this wiki site then you are most likely taking MIS 213 with Dr. Gebauer. If you have not already figured these out, here are some helpful tips in passing and/or doing well in this class.

  • TAKE THE PRACTICE QUIZ's! Almost all of the quiz and test questions come from the practice quiz questions. If you understand the concepts in the practice quizzes than you are bound to do really well on the actual quiz as well as on the test.
  • Read the book. I know that reading one chapter for almost every class is a lot. If you cannot read the whole chapter, read the chapter summaries and know the vocabulary.
  • Do the access projects and use the access study guide. Memorizing and being able to apply all the access applications might be hard at first, but with enough practice it will become much easier.
  • Check the syllabus or check on blackboard for what will be done next class and what is due. This allows you to know what book to bring to class, what homework is due, and when your tests and quizzes are.
  • Check progress on entropy. You will know what grade you need on all of your remaining assignments which is often motivation to do well in the class
  • Read the necessary chapters BEFORE you go to class. This way you will always be ready for a pop-quiz.
  • Write due dates in your calendar/agenda so that you do not miss a due date.