Math Tips

If you’re like most people and math is not your strong suit, don’t worry. This page is here to help you. It will give you a few ways to improve your math skills, as well as test prep. Here at UNCW most students are required to pass college algebra, as well as basic calculus. A few simple ways to improve your math skills are:

-Go to class
-Pay attention
-Take good notes
And most importantly

To be good at anything takes practice. Granted some people are naturally good at math, but practice can make even the best mathematician better.

A place that I have found to be very helpful to me, is a free website that gives you practice problems and can help you prepare for tests. The website is

You can make an account then they will keep track of your progress and award you with medals when you reach your goals. This website goes from basic algebra all the way to Advanced Trig. I hope this will help you in all of your math endeavors.

Just a reminder: If these tips are not enough don't forget to stop by the Math lab to see a tutor. They are glad to help and sometimes just what you need to solve a quick problem. The Math lab is located in DePaolo Hall (DE 1056).