Managing Time

While in college it is advised to be involved in as many activities as you are able to be in. At times being involved in three or more activities can be very stressful, but there are some ways to manage your time efficiently. Whether you are involved in clubs, Greek life, sports, work, or other activities on campus you have to be able to effectively manage your time. For example, say you are involved in Greek life, on a sports team, and you have a 15 hour class schedule. One way to effectively manage your time would be to invest in a planner and record all of the dates when you have tests, quizzes, meetings, philanthropy events, sports games, etc. This is an easy way to manage your schedule and to not forget about important dates. Also, if you feel overwhelmed at any point, turn to one of your friends for support, or give one of your extra-curricular activities up. It is hard to give up something, but it could be in your best interest. Giving one activity up could give you a lot more time to focus on your studies and give you more free time.