Managing Summer Classes

The first step for managing your summer classes is understanding that the summer classes usually contain as much work as a regular semester crammed into a much shorter period of time. Understanding that the pace of the summer courses is much faster than normal is critical to achieving success in these sessions.

The following steps will help your transition into summer classes:
1: Follow all homework instructions. Whether it is reading or programming falling behind in this area will result in added stress.
2: Study as much as possible. Sometimes it may be necessary to put one's social life on a back burner to survive the summer.
3: Get ahead! If there is an opportunity to get ahead in a class it should be taken advantage of.
4: Ask questions. When something doesn't make sense it is wise to address it immediately.
5: Maintain a positive attitude. Getting frustrated or down will result in reduced efficiency.

Lastly, when you get back home, DO THE WORK, don't let it slip.

These are just the basics for successfully getting through the summer, but they can make a world of difference when taken seriously!