Maintaining a job

Some students will never have a job until they graduate. Others, like me, have had a job since it was legal and they must continue to work to stay in college. As a sophomore who has been working since 16, I would like to give new stuents some tips on how to get and maintain a job in college.

1. Apply on campus early. These are the coveted college jobs due to their flexibility and laid back atmosphere.
2. Apply to as many jobs as possbile, as soon as possible. But if you cannot find one at first, beginning in September, companies begin hiring for seasonal positions. These positions are golden and as long as you don't suck, will usually turn into a long term job if you show loyalty.
3. Schedule your classes as early as posible as a general rule to make more time for work, studying and play. If not early, then at least be strategic. Classes at 9am, 12pm, and 5pm do not allow much leway for activities… especially work.
4. Save money so you can most likely work less. If you still must work a lot, at least your money will go farther. Take advantage of on campus resources such as campus dining and free events. Instead of paying for a bicycle pump… use the free air on campus. There are many resources you simply have to discover them.
5. Keeping your hours available is important, but so is seeing your family. Don't expect to go home for every holiday, but also don't expect to work every one. A happy medium is necessary.
6. You will be much happier if you find a job close to campus that is not a hassle to get to.