If you have a bad sense of direction like me it may be hard to get around campus.
The first few days will be the worse until you walk around campus enough to realize landmarks.
But for more immediate help UNCW gives out maps that help guide us along.
To find great interactive maps check out http://www.uncw.edu/maps/

Also, fellow students on campus are very nice and will help if your lost.
Don't worry if you cannot figure out where you are.
My fist day at UNCW I got lost four times and had to ask for help.

Don't stress out if your lost on the first few days.
Professors understand and know campus can be difficult to get around.

*I currently moved to Wilmington and had never been on campus before. I found the best way to get an understanding of the layout is if you grab a bike and just go around campus a few times. I went up there on the weekend when it was extremely slow and just got my grounds on where everything was. The easiest thing to do is just stay on Chancellor' Walk. Most of the buildings can be accessed one way or another from there. Also, it is generally a good idea to find your classes a few days before hand. A few times around campus and you'll know it like the back of your hand.