How to take care of a dog

A dog is a great pet to have. There is no better friend than either a big or little companion that you live with. However, with a dog come many responsibilities. These responsibilities include:

  • feeding
  • training
  • exercise with the occasional vet visit.


Knowing how much to feed your dog is very important because the dog needs to have a proper diet. Overfeeding your dog might lead to many health problems. You also do not want your dog to be undernourished, which also leads to numerous health issues. A poor choice of the dog food can be harmful to your pet's health, but remember the most expensive food is not always the best for your companion so doing a research and talking to your vet will help you to find the right kind of food.


Knowing how to train your dog is important since you do not want a dog that destroys the house or apartment, nor do you want a dog that misbehaves in public. If a dog is trained properly as a puppy, he will behave and understand all of your commands. It is crucial that training starts at a young age. Dogs are very similar to little kids, so during your training process you have to be very patient. They learn, but they have a pace just like everyone else when learning something new. If you do not think you can train your dog there are many puppy camps, programs at your vet, and private classes that will guide you and train your friend.


Caring for your dog also involves exercise. It is very important that you make sure that the dog gets enough exercise everyday, it could be a 30 minute walk or an extended session of playtime. The important thing is to have the dog do something physical. Just like people with lack of exercise dogs can develop health problems, so it is very critical to make sure your pet gets the exercise he needs. Playing with your dog or taking him for a walk is not only great for your pet, but it is very beneficial to you. So grab a ball and go to a park!!!!

Places where to get help with training your dog:

Dog park in Wilmington, NC: