How To Survive Galloway

How To Survive Living In Galloway

- Always wear shower shoes! The showers in Galloway are moldy, and frequent clogs in the drains due to hair result in bacteria-growing stale water.
- Actually just wear shoes everywhere, you don't know what's gone down on the floor in this building.
- Be prepared for the water to be randomly shut off due to water pipe leaks and breaks. God save you if you're in the shower when this happens.
- Do your laundry during the day if you can, while everyone else is in class. There are only 2 washers and dryers on each floor, and everyone uses them in
the evenings and on the weekends.
- Don't try to smoke weed in the trash chute, the police will find out.
- Avoid the elevator at all costs. It's old, creaky, generally scary, and there are weird stains splattered on the walls. Using the stairs is better for you,
- Do not be rude and throw a party in your room at 1 am on a weekday night when your neighbor has 8 ams 4 days a week and is a light sleeper, because
that isn't nice.
- Don't pour your nasty leftover ramen and coffee grounds in the common room sink because it will clog, decompose, smell disgusting, and ruin it for
everyone else.
- STAY AWAY FROM G5 AND G6! Those people are crazy and you will die.
- Bring lots of blankets with you when you move in, because if it's 50 degrees or higher outside, Galloway's air comes on and the whole building turns into
a refrigerator.
- Don't get your floor number tattooed on your butt, that's stupid.
- Do not take your box of dryer sheets to the laundry room with you and then leave for 5 minutes and come back. Someone will have stolen them in that
amount of time.
- Keep track of how many minutes are left on your laundry, because as soon as your laundry is done, someone will come along to do their laundry and will
toss yours on the floor to put theirs in instead.
- Bunk your beds!!! Galloway has the smallest double rooms on campus, so you need to create as much space as possible!
- Don't leave your door unlocked or cracked open at night on the weekends, because a drunk boy might try to walk into your room.
- Try to avoid living here if you can, honestly.