Signing Up for Classes at UNCW

Signing up for classes at UNCW can be very hectic and problematic at times. There are many different factors that play into when and what classes you are capable of enrolling in. To begin the process of signing up for classes, you must first meet with an advisor that will help set you in the right direction to accomplish your major's coursework. Remember to show up prepared to your appointment and if you lost, come mentally prepared. Your advisor will help in guiding you in which classes you need to take, such as the required pre-requisites, and which ones you could avoid.

Each class that you decide to take has an indentification number called a CRN, or Course Registration Number. Once you have decided a potential Major and met with your advisor to figure out what classes are best to suit your education path and schedule, write down all of the CRN's for your desired classes. Doing so will allow you a speedy method of signing up as soon as your designated time for sign-up arrives. The advisor will then give you an alternate pin number which grants you access to the UNCW Registration page to sign up for classes.

Once on the UNCW website, you will click the link for "Current Students". Here you will then click on the "Seaport" link; login as either faculty, staff, or student. Once logging into Seaport, you will see that you have a few options for proceeding; Continue by following the link for Seanet. Next click on the "Student Services & Financial Aid" tab where you will be given the option to view your registration status, student records, and other things such as financial aid packages. Clicking the link for registration brings you to the page where you will have to option to look up classes or add/drop classes. You will want to click on add/drop classes since you have already figured out with your advisor what classes you want. At the next page you will enter the alternate pin that your advisor gave you. Once you have selected the correct term for the classes you want to take, you will then enter the CRN's into the given CRN boxes at the bottom of the page. Upon submitting all of the CRN's into seaport, you have succesfully signed up for your next semester of classes at UNCW!