How to prevent yourself from getting locked out

UNCW has a system that causes passwords to expire after every 90 days. The majority of time, students and faculty wait until after this deadline to change this password, believing the warnings to be spam or false. Don't assume that an email is spam because it is convenient. If you're curious, call TAC at (910) 962-4357, or change your password at the following link: There has never been any harm done in changing your password, as long as you are thorough.

After a password change, some clients have trouble with being locked out. Typically, a device that was connected to your UNCW email is still trying to use your old password and failing. This can be iPhones, Androids, iPads or even Macbooks. Anything that saves passwords, really.
-When it comes to smartphones and tablets, the best method is to forget "hawkwifi" from your computer. Apple devices can do this by going to Settings>Wifi and clicking the blue i beside hawkwifi.
-If you have email set up on your devices, go into the account settings and update your password. Chances are that it won't verify, but the Save option is just as good. Select that.
-If you are on campus, rejoin hawkwifi with your new password

Macs have an application called Keychain Access. This application saves any and all passwords, and then uses those passwords to try and gain access to frequented programs. Find hawkwifi in the list and delete it. If you use any operating system other than 10.6.8, you can join hawkwifi by clicking the wifi symbol at the top and clicking Join Other Network. Type in hawkwifi for network name. Security is WPA2-Enterprise. Use your email credentials and it should authenticate.
-10.6.8 has instructions listed here:

If you saved your password on Outlook you can change it by clicking File and going to Account Settings.

You can update a PC's network password by going to Control Panel. Choose "View Network Status and Tasks". On this new page, click "Manage Wireless Networks" on the left. Right-click on hawkwifi and choose Properties. Click the Security and then Advanced Settings. You will want to specify authentication mode, and set it to User Authentication. Change your credentials to your current UNCW email, and you should be set.

If you have any further issues, don't hesitate to call TAC.