How to make it to class on time

Getting to class late can jeopardize your grade. Two ways to ensure you make it to class on time are riding a bike or skateboarding. Get yourself a bike if you do not already have one. Always remember to wear a helmet and knee pads. It is important to lock your bike up while in class so it does not get stolen. If you choose to skateboard, always wear protective gear. I do not advise skateboarding to class if you are not experienced. These two methods of transportation will ensure your on time arrival to class.

In addition, you should know how many minutes it takes you to get to your classes by foot, board, and wheels. This way you will always know when to leave, and how much time you will have getting to class. Also, make sure you check which building you are going to. Depending on your location, walking to the front of campus will take a different amount of time then walking somewhere towards the end of chancellor's walk.