How to Make Friends

Going to college means going somewhere unfamiliar. One usually steps out of his/her comfort zone and leaves their friends and family. Some say it is difficult and intimidating finding friends in college, but this isn't true. Colleges give their students many different ways to make friends that students don't think of. Here are some easy ways to meet new people in college.

  • Join a sorority or fraternity

Getting involved in Greek Life at any college campus immediately gives you a group of friends. Your new sisters/brothers are an automatic support system. You'll find the ones you are closest with, but even the ones you don't hang out with every day will always be there for you. Also, you meet a lot of people in other sororities and fraternities because there are so many events to go to. Going through the process of recruitment allows you to break out of your comfort zone and meet people you wouldn't normal talk to. Its a great experience even if you don't decide to join a sorority/fraternity.

I can speak from experience that Greek life has had such a positive impact on my life. It has allowed me to meet people that I would not have the courage to just randomly introduce myself to around campus. As previously stated, even if you do not decide to join a chapter, you still leave the process with many friends who will all end up in different places.

  • Join a club

There are hundreds of clubs on college campuses, and you can start your own. Joining a club is where you find people that have the same interests as you. It is a lot easier to become friends with someone if you start with a common ground. If you're in the Habitat for Humanity club, everyone else in the club will like Habitat for Humanity and community service as well.

Joining a club is an amazing way to find friends that have common interests and concerns. You all get to do what you love to do together and share the experience/memories.

  • Live in the dorms

Dorms may not seem like the nicest place to live, but living with people and seeing the same people every day definitely brings you closer to them. You not only live with your roommate, but also with the people in your pod and on your hall. Sharing living spaces with people makes you learn things about them that no one else knows. You'll be able to go out and make different friends, but at the end of the day you'll get to come home and hang out with your roommates.

While sharing a personal space can be difficult, it is a very important experience to have as a college student. You will make several friends out of the many roommates you will have, however, you should never just cling to those people. It is imperative that you all branch out separately so you can have separate lives and not get sick of each other.

*Be Social
Don't be afraid to talk to someone whether you know them or not. If you start a conversation with someone, they will most likely continue the conversation. This may help attract a new friend. Breaking out of your comfort zone is critical in college. Being a quiet and shy person doesn't get you too far. If you are willing to go out of your way to introduce yourself and start up conversations with people, chances are they will remember you.

Ultimately, to make friends in college, you must be willing to participate in activities and put yourself out there. Making friends doesn't just happen. You can't just sit in your room all day and expect to become friends with people. Being active and willing is what makes friends.

*Joining a Student Ministry/Going to Church

As a Freshman I still had trouble making friends because I was placed in the on-campus UNCW suites. Which was full of only sophomores, so being the only Freshman I had a hard time fitting in. I met a lot of my close friends in Overflow(a student ministry as Port City Community Church) which is held every Tuesday night at Port City Community Church at 7 p.m.. Also over time if you like it and want to join a small group that is another good opportunity to grow and make friends. It has been the biggest change in the most positive way in my experience here at UNCW. If you go to church or an on-campus ministry there is no way you won't meet at-least one good friend. Another way to make friends is to volunteer with Overflow or a church because most times its students which will enable you to meet more people.

*Join a Sports team

As a freshman from Texas, being on a sports team really helped me make friends. I have friends on the volleyball team and other teams on campus because we all hang out together. Many times, it is easier to make friends with people that have similar interests. I thought coming to a new state was difficult, but making friends with people who have no idea who I am is even more difficult. It is hard to open up, but it's a lot easier to make friends if you are yourself. Making new friends might be out of your comfort zone, but if you put yourself out there, you can make friends without trying too hard.