How to Handle the Cops

There a couple things to remember when dealing with the cops if you have been drinking or are hosting a party and it is time to deal with the local police department.
1) Always stay calm if they knock at your door, from previous experiences you might not always be in trouble like you think you are. The police are not always trying to get you in trouble and remember they used to be your age once, they did the same things we are doing. Police will try to find ways to work with you if you are throwing a party and they are trying to keep you out of trouble. This might require you to lower the volume of people inside the house/apartment or the level of noise by reducing the volume of the music that is being played. Noise violations are the number one reason cops are generally knocking at your door if you are having a party. A noise violation warning is generally given if the party is too loud and they have no other choice than to cease the party by giving the home owners a warning. You are allowed a warning every 6 months but it is not general practice to throw another large party exactly 6 months after your last large party.
2) If you are attending a large party and the police do happen to arrive, DO NOT RUN. This looks bad on the owners of the house and more than likely you will trespass onto their neighbors land and could cause them to believe they are being robbed (this is from previous experience). The police are not their to ticket all 100 of you that were attending the party, their general concern is to either make the party smaller or just speak with the home owners.