How students can find the right place to live

In Wilmington, there are numerous areas that students can find to live. There is much diversity within this small area that students can take advantage of. The first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the amount of money one can spend on housing. The closer to the beach and downtown will cause the cost to be greater than living in the centeral part of Wilmington. The second thing that a student should take into consideration is the proximity of housing to the university. If a student doesn't have redible transportation, then living within walking distance of campus or on campus should be a major influence on where they should stay. If transportation is not a problem, then proximity to other important activities is an obvious solution. Third, who you live with should be taken seriously, because you do not want to have clashing personalities with your roommate, who you will have to see every day. It is important to communicate effectively with your roommate in order to avoid any unnecessary confrontations. Forth, many students like the idea of having pets, but they are not allowed on campus or some apartments. But there are still some places that are pets friendly and they will let you know that, so you can come to live in one of their apartment complexes. As you can see, there is a plentiful of diversity in choosing the correct place to live within this region of Southeastern North Carolina. Be sure to research what is best for you, and hopefully your living experience in Wilmington will be an enjoyable experience.