How to find off-campus housing.

You can check at different apartment complexes and try to be aware of what others you know are doing for housing. You may find housing with your friends, or you may be looking for something on your own. Usually you can find out if you like a place through others' experiences. If you are looking for something other than apartment complexes, you can use to search for rentals and set a price range. You can search on the map for houses under a certain rent/month and see where the location is. It will only list the rentals on the map area you currently have selected, but sometimes the map may show the wrong location for an address or the listing may no longer be available. Then you should look at the UNCW shuttle map which shows the 1-mile radius so you will know where the stops are, and if you are inside the 1-mile radius or not. There are also other considerations such as the ease of getting to different parts of town and the amount of traffic on the roads in and out of the area. You may also want to pick a location that is ideally located for UNCW and your job if you have one.

If you are scrambling for a place to live last minute, use Craigslist. There are many opportunities refreshed daily. Most of them are legitimate students in the same position as you.

In my experience, I would stay away from the apartments on Racine. They are overpriced mostly, and most were flooded a few years ago. I'm sure they don't mention that to prospective tenants. Also, as you get closer to campus (particularly Racine), your odds of a break-in increase.

Living off-campus, and outside of the 1 mile radius, can be a GREAT thing! Not only living off-campus, but being your own roommate. Definitely consider the advantages and disadvantages of living off-campus before deciding what is best for you.


  • You can drive and park in one of the designated areas.
  • Rent is typically less expensive the farther you move from campus.
  • Your neighbors are more diverse. (Not JUST college students)
  • There is less disruption and vandalism.
  • Some include security guard protection and an alarm system (Avalon Apartments).
  • A Nightime Parking Pass provides many advantages.


  • Lose easier access to campus/ library.
  • Less social experiences.
  • Traffic can cause significant time delays
  • If you live within a mile of campus, you have to walk to class.

use The Perch ( , which is an on-campus resource for off-campus students. They have lots of information and newsletters on places to live, ways to meet people and easy transportation opportunities around Wilmington.