1. Open up your web browser.
2. In the url field type ""
3. Select the 1st option entitled " Secure login for Faculty, Staff, and Students.
4. Login with your student ID, and pin (usually your birthday)
5. Select the option entitled " Student Services & Financial Aid"
6. Select the option entitled " Student Records"
7. Select the 8th option entitled " Degree Audit"
8. Select the 1st option entitled " Submit an Audit"
9. You have three options you can choose from "All requirements", "Incomplete requirements", " Complete Requirements." All requirements list courses required to graduate. Incomplete requirements list all courses not taken. Complete Requirements list degree courses completed.
10. Select the best option that fits you, and select "Run Audit."
11. Once you select run Audit, a new page will display, select the option " View Submitted Audits." please note: process may take up to 5 minutes.