Homework and studying is one of the most important things to be able to succeed in UNCW courses. No one likes to do homework or study but this is essential to do well in courses. In class you go over the material needed to pass the test but it does not stop here. You can’t just go to class listen to the lecture and ace the test it’s not going to work. Doing homework reinforces what you learned in class. Sometimes you get stuck on a homework problem, take a break, do some homework for another class then come back to it. If you are just completely stuck get some help from the teacher, fellow students, tutor, etc. Studying can seem hopeless or irrelevant but this is also essential to do well in courses. Set aside study time for each class everyday so that you can keep up or even stay ahead in course material. Repetition is the best way to get information implanted in your head, it is for me anyway. Try your best, do homework, study, and you should be fine.