Fun Facts About UNCW's Campus

There are many unique things about UNCWs campus that can be fascinating.

  • In the case of an emergency or natural disaster, McNiell Hall was built so that it can be transformed into a fully functional hospital.
  • BB&T gives UNCW a $1 million trust every year the business students use to get real life experiences working in the stock market.
  • At noon and 5pm, UNCW's clocktower chimes our fight song.
  • Lumina Theater is the largest free standing theater in Wilmington
  • UNCW's Orientation Program is award winning and many schools have based their program off of it.
  • Wagoner Hall has a trash processing unit that removes all the water from uneaten food, purifies it, and then uses it to wash the dishes.
  • UNCW's school colors are not just aesthetically pleasing, the gold represents the sand, the teal represents the beginning of the ocean, and the navy represents the open sea.
  • UNCW has a fully sanctioned police force and they have the most police per capita out of all the North Carolina schools.
  • There is a nature preserve located next to the Fischer University Union.
  • The distance from Wagner Hall to Randall Library is equal to one mile.
  • Many students who go to UNCW do not know that you can find out so much information by registering and texting 90947. (From your grades, to what Wag is serving, to the surf report, to coupons around Wilmington, to so much more) To find out more go to:
  • The "Rolling Hills" in front of the library were put in by the chancellor because he grew up in a town with many hills and missed them.
  • The Natatorium is upstairs instead of the first floor like other colleges.
  • There are several mountain bike trails behind the landing and parking deck.