Friends through work

Working is a great way to make friends! When you go on your job hunt, think about where you want to apply. Is there a job that will benefit your career goals? How about a job that's close and convenient to where you live? Lastly, is there somewhere that strikes you as a fun work environment where other college students are working? That, to me, is the most important question early in your college career. As you work your way through your semesters at UNCW it becomes increasingly important to find a job that will assist you in, later, finding your career. However, at the beginning, the job you choose can become the group of friends you hang out with. It's an easy way to make friends because, quite frankly, you really don't have a choice. You can look at this first job as a club or a team, just like you would join on campus. So go out and make some friends! (and some money, too!)

Your first job can also benefit you in the future by creating a network of possible future employers. Think of each customer and the relationship that you establish with them as a possible source of future employment or even as a client. Approach each customer encounter as a mini interview for your future. These are great opportunities to take advantage of while earning a little extra money.