When entering college, there are many new people that you will encounter. For those who travel to out of state universities, it can be difficult to keep in contact with old friends from high school due to conflicting schedules. Meeting new people can be intimidating, but if you live on campus, it is very easy to meet new people, since everyone there is stuck without knowing anyone as well. The first few weeks of college, you meet tons of new people, all who are friendly enough, but finding a group of friends right for you takes effort. You have to not be afraid to reach out to others. While you may not get along with everyone, you should try to maintain your attitude but communicating effectively.How students can find the right place to live gives advice on living areas in Wilmington, as well as roommate ettiquite once you find the friends you chose to live with.

Joining campus organizations help students find friends. For example, joining greek life helped me gain over 100 friends, and I keep meeting more. Once you join a campus organization, you are more likely to join other clubs, as well. It is important to get involved on campus because you are not only giving back to the community, but also meeting friends who have the same interests as you.